August 21, 2017

Future RESPONDS To JAY-Z’s Latest Interview

Future RESPONDS To JAY-Z’s Latest Interview
(Photo Credit: Prince Williams/Getty Images)

Seems like Future isn’t really feeling what JAY-Z has to say.

Hova was a guest on the Rap Radar Podcast and decided to give his take on “The Story of O.J.” and some of the meaning behind some of his words including the following bars: “Y’all holdin’ money to your ear, there’s a disconnect, we don’t call that money over here.”

I didn’t even tell people to stop using the money phone,” he says. “I didn’t say that. I had to listen again like ‘How is this being misinterpreted?’ because I just said it ain’t money to us. It ain’t. That’s just an honest statement.”

He later continued.

“Money to us, me and my three friends on the floor at Golden State, not because the seats are expensive but because that’s what we’re doing, you’ve never seen that,” he said. “Or, building brands and pushing it forward. That can’t be the end all, that can’t be our goal, to get money and show it on the Internet. That can’t be our goal, that’s some corny shit.”

Future initially responded after first hearing the track. He then decided to try it again on Twitter after the release of the podcast.