July 26, 2018

G Herbo Snaps Real Quick in #Freestyle104 With Funk Flex [VIDEO]

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G Herbo Snaps Real Quick in #Freestyle104 With Funk Flex [VIDEO]

In a 2nd freestyle of a most interesting night, the Chiraq Citizen G Herbo came through, snapped quick, what he states as ‘off the top’, and drops BARs on us! In a first, he IG Lived his performance which we generally ask that the artists don’t do, but since he was saying he was going ‘off top’ all good. The 2nd time up(1st was #Freestyle045), but the first time we had a small technical issue where the person recording recorded the beat a little too loud(we switched that up) but this time his audio was exactly where it needed to be… See how we got the whole thing together for the ease for your viewing;

With all that talk on the net about the difference between ‘Freestyles’ and ‘off the top’, was this what you expect when hearing ‘off the top’? FTR, I don’t think it was straight off the top, or off the top at all, but it was good BARS, and off the top is not as good as a freestyle if you really think about it… but if you can pull it off, a very impressive feat!