February 5, 2018

HaHa! Kevin Hart Was TOO Drunk Last Night [VIDEO]

HaHa! Kevin Hart Was TOO Drunk Last Night [VIDEO]
(Photo Credit: Elsa/Getty Images)

Kevin Hart may have had a little bit too much to drink last night.

The comedian was on hand to watch the Philadelphia Eagles face off against the New England Patriots last night on Super Bowl LII.

Following the Eagles win, the Philly native decided he wanted to celebrate the team’s first championship win with the players, and even try to get on stage to receive the trophy with them. He was stopped by a security guard who did not budge, even as Hart pointed, screamed, and tried to fight his way through.

In case you thought he was finished, he then went to a live NFL Network broadcast following the celebration where in much drunken excitement, he let a curse word that rhymes with “muck” out live on the air.

Congratulations… you played yourself.

This morning, he decided to try and clean it up, with a hilarious Instagram post to the world.

Watch it all go down below.

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