August 5, 2017

Happy Birthday Barack Obama! Here Are His Top 5 LEGENDARY Moments![VIDEOS]

Happy Birthday Barack Obama! Here Are His Top 5 LEGENDARY Moments![VIDEOS]
Photo Credit: Bill Pugliano – Getty Images

America was fortunate enough to see their FIRST African American President who was also elected for a second term in office, and that was Barack Obama!

Today the former President of the United States turns 56 years old and has been trending on a ton of Social Platforms.  

From singing along Al Green’s ‘Lets Stay Together’ to doing the honors of inducting Jay Z into the Songwriters hall of fame, Barack Obama is by far the GREATEST to ever live in the White House.

Again, there is no doubt in the world, that Barack Obama is the SWAGGIEST President to date, but these 5 clips will verify that claim!


Obama Drops the Mic!

Barack Obama left office with a BANG. His final speech was probably one of the most memorable moments in history.


The Obama’s BET Celebration!

The Obama’s were gifted a BET celebration concert/party and the Former President even got up to DANCE.



Obama Sings Al Green’s “Lets Stay Together”

Barack Obama is multi-talented!

Remember that time he sang a part of Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’?

Watch the clip below: 


Obama Brushes Dirt off His Shoulder  

Brush that dirt off your shoulders Obama! What other President do you know quotes Jay Z lyrics?


Obama Inducts Jay Z into Songwriters Hall of Fame!

Barack Obama and Jay Z are great friends and have made sure that the entire WORLD knew it. Watch this clip as Obama inducts the first rapper EVER to make the Songwriters Hall of Fame!