September 10, 2018

HOT 97 Remembers Mac Miller [VIDEO]

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HOT 97 Remembers Mac Miller [VIDEO]

Malcolm James McCormick better known to the world as Mac Miller was born on January 19, 1992.

Miller began his career in the midst of what is now known as the “blog era” or the “mixtape era” where artists were starting to become discovered, and reach popularity not through official studio releases, but by releasing different mixtapes onto the internet.

Part of this generation’s attachment to Mac Miller is not only his talent, but for those who were in college during the years of his release, it was a soundtrack during those years. We grew with him as he progressed as an artist, and producer and were happy to see his success.

Over the years, Miller has come up to HOT 97 to discuss his journey with our family. He has freestyled with Funk Flex, spoke about one day “getting a razor scooter and traveling around New York City.”

He also sat down for an in-depth converation with Peter Rosenberg where he discussed his growth and mental health, “I’m just chillin’ and focusing what is important, and actually giving a f*** what is important.”

Miller wanted to release content that was “world changing.”

At this station, he was well liked with an infectious personality that brought smiles to everyone who came around him.

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I want this to not be true so bad! Shine on you positive soul, you were such a joy to be around….