January 10, 2019

How To Live Your Best Life in 2019!

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How To Live Your Best Life in 2019!

Photo credit: Gary Hershorn / Getty Images

The holidays are over and the New Year is here.  It’s no secret that we all want to live our best lives.  The beginning of the year means a fresh start.  You have a chance at a do-over.  Whatever you didn’t get to accomplish last year, here’s your chance. We all know that at the start of a New Year, everyone whips out their New Year’s resolution list. The list goes strong for the first 2-3 weeks, and after that, it’s in the back of our everyday to-do’s. This year, keep track of your resolution list.  

What’s on your ‘list’ doesn’t need to involve anyone else. Yes, in the age of social media, where everyone knows everyone’s business- it’s okay to work on your goals privately. You don’t need to make an announcement, and definitely don’t need reassure from your Twitter followers. It is possible to work diligently but also quietly on your goals.

Below is a list of ways to potentially live your best life, all while checking off goals on your ‘list.’

  1. Take care of the BEST parts of you.  Whether it be your physical health, or your mental health. Don’t brush the warning signs and the red flags under the rug. Take the necessary steps to being a better version of yourself, TODAY.
  2. We all have bills we have to maintain, but it is possible to take some time out for yourself. Yes, it is possible to take a break from your everyday responsibilities and have some fun. Whether you have children, a demanding job, or even a demanding lifestyle, take some time in 2019 to have some personal time. Do something that makes you happy, or treat yourself to something nice.
  3. Go after your dreams! What are you waiting for? Go after that dream job, car, apartment, vacation. Whatever it is that lives in your dreams, go for it. You don’t need everything aligned in order for you to make the first step. Literally all you need is to make the first step. Trust your abilities. You got this!
  4. Get rid of old bad habits. Nothing new is going to come from old habits. You are guaranteed to get the same results from the same behavior. Change those habits in 2019. It’s okay to leave negativity in the past. Protect your peace at any cost.
  5. You already have everything in you, to be everything that you want to be. Search within yourself for the answers. Remember, you don’t need validation from anyone to live YOUR best life. Get out there and conquer 2019. Don’t let your New Year’s resolution list match the one for 2020. Check those goals off your list, and then conquer some new ones.

Have a happy, and healthy 2019!