February 19, 2019

In Honor Of Black History Month, Here’s A List Of Places To Go/Things To Do In Celebration!

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In Honor Of Black History Month, Here’s A List Of Places To Go/Things To Do In Celebration!

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In honor of Black History Month, we have listed things to do and places to go in celebration of history. Black History month starts on February 1st and concludes on February 28th.  The month is in celebration of important and prominent figures, and Black history throughout the years. Below is a list of fun and informative things you and your family can do throughout the remainder of the celebration. The month long holiday is celebrated annually.

Michelle Obama

  1. The most important thing you can do during Black History month is to educate yourself. Try reading some informative books celebrating Black culture. This month, find readings from one of the many great African American writers, including, Langston Hughes, August Wilson, Alice Walker, Michelle Obama plus many more. Remember, reading is fundamental.
  2. Having some good ol’ soul food. Try some of your local soul food restaurants, and indulge in the rich taste of food your parents/grand-parents used to make. It’s mandatory this month! As we know, Malcolm X believed “represented the essence of the south as well as promoted fellowship among Black folks.”
  3. The Museum of the Moving Image has celebrates Black History Month by showing Black films weekly.  Grab your family and some popcorn and check out a movie. The museum is located in New York City.
  4. How does a tour sound? Check out Harlem’s Historic Faces and Places. The tour “explores the most spectacular features of notable theaters, religious buildings, and residential homes, as well as the history of Harlem’s transformation from one of the largest Jewish neighborhoods in the world to the home of its current mixed population.”  Upon purchasing your tickets, the located will be revealed.
  5. Speaking of Harlem, it would a great time to check out the Harlem Fine Art Show. The show includes a fine-arts exhibition. There will also be African-American art for you to purchase.
  6. Comedy is a must during this Black History Month. Head over to the Black Women in Comedy Festival to get your laugh on!
  7. Click here to view a list of great museums you should be sure to check out this month!
  8. You and your family can watch education and informational movies in the comfort of your own home during this month.  Movies including ‘Selma,’ ‘The Butler,’ ‘A Wrinkle In Time,’ plus many more. Music, movies and Black entertainment is your friend this month (and every month).
  9. Lastly, before the month concludes- be sure to spread love, knowledge, and a helping hand this month. This month is meant to unite us all.

Happy Black History Month! Enjoy!

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