August 6, 2019

Is The ‘Wendy Williams’ Show Ending? + She Took Kevin BACK?!

Is The ‘Wendy Williams’ Show Ending? + She Took Kevin BACK?!

Photo credit – Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald/GettyImages

Season 10 of The Wendy Show has been a roller coaster but the ride could be over soon!

Whether you’re a Wendy cohost or someone who catches it here and there, you know Wendy Williams was dealing with a lot of her own “hot topics” this season. After 22 years of marriage, the Queen Of daytime TV divorced Kevin Hunter after he allegedly had a baby with his side chick from over a decade. 

In an upcoming Lifetime biopic, slated to come out in 2020, Wendy plans on opening up about her marriage, the struggles she faced during her radio career, drug addiction, and more. 

It’s possible The Wendy Show could be coming to an after season 11. Word on the street is that her staff has already been looking for new jobs. 

During one of her shows this week, Wendy got a little emotional when talking about season 10. She didn’t confirm anything, but she alluded to the idea that she show could be done by next year. 

Take a look at this clip from Daytime Tea Time: 

It’s also being reported that Wendy hired Kevin back as her business manager. They reportedly had several “heart-to-heart” talks.

If she’s trying to get over him is this a good idea?