October 19, 2018

J Prince Has Some Words For Pusha T

J Prince Has Some Words For Pusha T
(Photo Credit: Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Forget Drake, J. Prince looks like he just drew a line in the sand.

The mogul is once again commenting on the beef between Pusha T and Drake after the two gave two seperate sides of the story to the origins of their beef on different programs this week.

Prince spoke to TMZ, and addressed that

“I don’t consider this a beef anymore,” he said. “Pusha, he’s like an ant to us. Like an ant that crawl around. We can smash him anytime… if that’s something we wanted to do. But that’s not the case here.” He also believes Pusha’s comments are “an act of damage control.”

He had already spoke to both parties earlier in the year, allegedly stopping a diss track from Drake that could potentially hurt or end careers.

“I do know Drake was moving forward by himself,” he told Ebro in the Morning earlier this year. “When something like that is said about you, your emotions, your feelings are involved, and I explained to him it ain’t about emotions and feelings.”

He’s out promoting his book The Art & Science of Respect: A Memoir which is available now.

Check out the clip below.