August 16, 2019

Jay-Z Releases ‘Reasonable Doubt’ On More Streaming Platforms

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Jay-Z Releases ‘Reasonable Doubt’ On More Streaming Platforms
(Photo Credit: Scott Gries/Getty Images)

Well… this is interesting timing isn’t it?

For the last few years, Jay-Z’s classic debut album has only been available exclusively on TIDAL. That all changes today.

Reasonable Doubt is now also available on YouTube Music Premium, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, iTunes, iHeartRadio, Napster, Pandora, Tesla, and Slacker. It is not currently available on Spotify or Apple Music.

A statement from the Equity Distribution which helps distribute artist music to different streaming platforms.

“Reasonable Doubt is one of the preeminent albums in history and we’re thrilled to distribute this classic body of work to music lovers worldwide,” President of Equity Distribution Krystian Santini said. “This is a landmark milestone for Equity Distribution and we look forward to continuing to expand our platform and collaborate with talented artists from different backgrounds.”

artists getting their music projects to fans on a global scale, while allowing them to retain masters ownership. The platform currently has partnerships with 125 digital service platforms across the world.

This decision comes two days after the announcement of a controversial decision to partner with the NFL to consult with entertainment, Super Bowl, and social justice causes the the football league.