January 31, 2018

Jay-Z Set Up To Make ANOTHER BIG Business Move

Jay-Z Set Up To Make ANOTHER BIG Business Move
(Photo Credit: Prince Williams/Getty Images)

Hova just keeps reinventing himself.

Reports say that JAY-Z is looking to take the Roc Nation brand to a much bigger place in the near future. How? By bringing the logo to a store near you.

According to TMZ:

Jay’s company, S. Carter Enterprises, just filed legal docs to secure the rights to their clothing brand, Paper Planes, in a number of different sales-type vehicles.

According to the trademark application, obtained by TMZ, the Carter operation is looking to expand the plane logo — created by Jay’s business partner, Emory Jones — into more of a retail environment and beyond … like department stores, an online shopping site and even into musical recordings.

Just bringing another meaning to the name Roc… Nation.