January 11, 2018

Joe Budden RESPONDS To Alleged Eminem Diss [AUDIO]

Joe Budden RESPONDS To Alleged Eminem Diss [AUDIO]
(Photo Credit: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images)

Is Joe Budden coming out of retirement?

The rapper/personality has had an interesting beginning of 2018.

Eminem released a remix to his single “Chloraseptic” in which he spit some words towards haters, and those who passed judgement on his album on only a tracklist before the album was even released.

Many people thought that those words were towards Joe Budden who had a strong opinion on the project as he shared on Everyday Struggle before walking away from the show.

He addressed it on the Joe Budden podcast this week, and those looking for a battle might be a bit disappointed, because he doesn’t think Eminem was talking about him at all.

“So here’s my question: why do people think he’s talking about me? Because I heard it finally,” he began. “I couldn’t have trashed the album I never heard. And I was the lone person defending the tracklist. So much so, that niggas said, ‘Uh, Joe, you dickridin’ man. You bias. You won’t say nun.”

Listen to his full comments below.