December 18, 2019

JUST IN: Karol Sanchez Admits To FAKING Kidnapping!

JUST IN: Karol Sanchez Admits To FAKING Kidnapping!

Photo credit – Screenshot fomr crime stoppers/shutterstock

We live CRAZY times!

While actual real kidnapping and human trafficking are happening, one teen thought it would be okay to just fake it.

It turns out Karol Sanchez, the 16-year-old who was kidnapped, staged the whole thing! Reported on CBS, she admitted to authorities that it was a hoax. Another report claims she did it to get away from her strict mother.

The teen was going to move back to Honduras with her mom and used the attack as a way to stay, but later realized it wasn’t a good idea after seeing her amber alerts. 

As of right now, Karol won’t be charged but police are still looking for the four men involved. 

It was reported that Karol is from The Bronx but updated reports say she lives in Dutchess County and is from Honduras. 

Hopefully “faking attacks” doesn’t become a trend, then we’d be in SERIOUS trouble!