June 11, 2019

Kanye West & Pusha T Reportedly Sued Over ‘Daytona’ Track

Kanye West & Pusha T Reportedly Sued Over ‘Daytona’ Track

photo credit: Johnny Nunez / Getty Images

Kanye West and Pusha T may be in some legal troubles. According to reports, the rappers are being sued over their song “Come Back Baby” off Pusha T’s Daytona album. The song samples George Jackson’s “I Can’t Do Without You” song. 

FAME Enterprises Inc. filed a lawsuit against the two, in addition to Def Jam, Universal Music Group and G.O.O.D Music, due to an unauthorized use of the sample. 

FAME- who reportedly owns the song is requesting, “disgorgement of profits, compensatory, consequential, incidental, and punitive damages in an amount to be determined by the trier of fact in this case, plus statutory fines, costs, interest and expenses.”