January 17, 2018

Kevin Spacey Accused of Using N-Word on House of Cards Set

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Kevin Spacey Accused of Using N-Word on House of Cards Set
Photo Credit: Kevork Djansezian/BAFTA LA / Contributor


Kevin Spacey’s house of cards continues to fall.


In the midst of his sexual harassment allegations, the disgraced House of Cards actor is now being accused of being a racist.

According to a new report via The New York Daily News, VIP Protective Services, a security company that worked for Spacey in 2012, said they experienced racism first hand from him while on set.


Earl Blue, the head of the company alleges that Spacey told his security manager he didn’t “want n—ers watching my trailer” after noticing that the staff consisted of mainly of African Americans.


Spacey has yet to comment but as this point, it might be best for him to just go away for a while….a long while.


This story is very unfortunate but it did make me think the other times people in Hollywood have been caught being a racist:




Mel Gibson – When he went on a rant where he was spewing the n word, called Mexicans “wetbacks” and blamed  Jews for all the wars in the world.



Charlie Sheen – when he left a voicemail for his ex wife Denise Richards calling her vulgar names and said she was sleeping with an N-word.



Michael Richards – The Seinfeld star who played “Kramer” on the show was filmed being utterly disrespectful to African American attendees at his comedy show.


Miley Cyrus poses with her 'Younger Now' CD

Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur/Contributor


Miley Cyrus–  The Hannah Montana star was criticized for mocking Asians in a photo where she pulled her eyes with fingers. This which lead to her fans calling her out and the Asian community up in arms over it. 



Twitter Screenshots of Alec Baldwin discussing his use of the N word


Alec Baldwin – when received backlash for tweeting that he liked the song by Jay Z and Kanye West, “N—as In Paris” then went on to defend him using the n word. Needless to say, just stay away from using it.


John Wayne posing with a rifle in a publicity portrait on the set of the film, 'The Undefeated', with covered wagons in the background 1969

Photo Credit: Silver Screen Collection/Contributor


And finally,  in the May 1971 issue of Playboy, the legendary John Wayne, was quoted as saying “I believe in white supremacy until blacks are educated to a point of responsibility.”


Time to boycott John Wayne movies.