July 22, 2017

Keyshia Cole and Ex-Hubby Booby Gibson Live Together BECAUSE…

Photo Credit: Giphy

The super trailer for the upcoming season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood reveals that singer Keyshia Cole and ex-husband Booby Gibson LIVE together!

Keep in mind the two have a 7 year-old child together, and must co-parent the best way they know how, nonetheless fans still want an answer as to why a FORMER couple must live in the same house.

Keyshia Cole recently addressed the ‘WHY’ question and it makes a lot of sense.

Take a look below:

“I didn’t know my biological father growing up. So, it’s kind of a strong, emotional situation for me, because I want DJ to have everything that I didn’t. Do you know what I’m saying? Even though, he’s done a lot in the marriage that was like, Okay the ultimate no no. But you know what? It’s not about me and him at this point. My son is 7. He needs his father.”

Cole continued to say that Booby Gibson is currently enduring financial obstacles, and she has no problem helping him.

“And Daniel is going through some financial things and I feel like you know what – we’re co parents. At the end of the day, if I can help, I would want him to do it for me…And all that matters is that DJ is there with them and we get to see him.”

Source: TheJasmineBrand.com