January 27, 2018

Kris Jenner Is Reportedly FURIOUS with Travis Scott’s Absence

Kris Jenner Is Reportedly FURIOUS with Travis Scott’s Absence
Photo Credit: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

When you’re entering the Kardashian household, you’re not just dating one person; you’re dating them all.


Momager Kris Jenner is very protective of her children as any mom should be but according to new reports, she is going the extra mile for Kylie Jenner.

Kris is reportedly furious with Travis Scott over him not being around much for her pregnancy.


A source revealed to Hollywood Life, “‘that Kris is furious with Travis over his careless attitude with Kylie”, and that “‘Kris never sees Travis around, and when she does see him, Travis does not seem very present or engaged with the family.’”

The source went on to say, “Kris is unclear about Kylie’s future with Travis, but for now, Kris is extremely disappointed in how Travis is handling the pregnancy. Kris has made it clear to Travis that Kylie deserves more out of him. Kris also let Travis know that she is the boss in the family, she is watching him closely and that he better not hurt her youngest daughter. Kris finished warning Travis by telling him that despite the status of his relationship with Kylie, he best step up and be a more present father when the baby arrives.”

Other reports are saying Kylie is feeling extremely emotional right now watching her sisters’ baby fathers be present and happy over their pregnancy while she hasn’t received the same love from Travis. 

Will these two last or nah?