December 21, 2017

LaVar Ball Changes The Game AGAIN!

LaVar Ball Changes The Game AGAIN!
(Photo Credit: Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images)

Lavar Ball is changing the game.

Say what you want about the father of Lonzo Ball, but he has a vision and is looking to break the status quo. He announced yesterday that he is going to launch a basketball league that will allow some of the top high school players in the nation to skip college if they want and play in a league.

Calling it the Junior Basketball Association his model would be as follows: $3,000 a month for a lower ranking player, and $10,000 a month forthe highest ranked player. He is trying to fill 8- slow with 10 teams that will play in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Atlanta, and Dallas.

It would also follow NBA rules instead of college in hopes to prepare his players for the league.

As of right now, the NBA prohibits high school players to jump from high school right into the pros as they have to wait one year before entering the league.

If you’re wondering what the logo would be, it’s simple. His son Lonzo shooting will be gracing the logo with Ball giving his reasoning behind it, “We don’t need a logo of a guy dribbling,” he said. “Nobody does that anymore.”