July 20, 2017

Let it Burn! Receipts Prove Usher Gave Woman A STD?!

Let it Burn! Receipts Prove Usher Gave Woman A STD?!

Photo Credit: Imeh Akpanudosen

It looks like Usher might have another set of CONFESSIONS…

The R&B super star reportedly passed on an incurable sexually transmitted disease, and it’s not looking too good.

According to Radar Online, Usher was forced to settle the lawsuit with his former partner (who is apparently a celebrity stylist) for 1.1 million dollars and they have the paperwork to PROVE IT! 

The legal documents state that Usher indulged in un-protected sex without informing the woman he was infected with Herpes.

It get’s graphic so HOLD YOUR BREATH…

The documents reveal that the woman has seen green colored discharge come from the  singer’s penis yet claims there were no other signs of an STD.

After weeks of sexual intercourse the victim says she experienced a 100-degree fever, headaches, and blisters, and more.

Usher originally paid $2,754.40 in hospital bills for the woman and  has been said to apologize.

 Nonetheless the nameless victim faced depression, and emotional distress after knowing there is no cure to her disease…so the lawsuit was “necessary.”