July 17, 2019

Lil Baby Reveals He Used To Pay Gunna To Write His Raps For Him

Lil Baby Reveals He Used To Pay Gunna To Write His Raps For Him

photo credit: Prince Williams / Getty Images

Some artist shy-away from ghost-writing, while others embrace it.

Rappers Lil Baby and Gunna have been taking the music industry by storm- putting out hit singles such as ‘Drip Too Hard.’ Lil Baby let fans in on a little secret as he admits that he used to pay Gunna to write his raps for him. 

Baby recently sat down for an interview, where he opened up about his musical relationship with Gunna. He states, “I done paid Gunna to write my songs,” Lil Baby said. “I never put the songs out, but when I first started to rap I used to pay him like $100 like, ‘Imma give you $100, write something for me so I can try to learn how to go in there and record it.’… That’s how I used to practice.”

In another interview, Gunna also opened up about giving Baby the push he needed to get his career started. “I kinda helped push [Lil Baby&#93 a little bit to go harder,” Gunna said. “He didn’t really care about [rapping&#93 that much. He was being him, just chilling. I was critiquing his music, but also letting him know it sounded good, he should keep going, [offering&#93 words of encouragement.”

Thankfully the two had each other as they went on to put out HITS collectively and by themselves. Check out what Lil Baby had to say below.