October 13, 2020

Lil Uzi Trolls Kanye West + Kanye Responds

Celebrity Kanye West
Lil Uzi Trolls Kanye West + Kanye Responds

Kanye West is putting his Twitter fingers to use again.

This time he responds to Lil Uzi trolling him.

Uzi shared a brief video where he mentions that “Kanye West wasn’t f*cking with him.” He says, “when I be making them songs, and they only go platinum once, I do that on purpose,” says Uzi. Clearly being sarcastic, Uzi seemingly has a lot of respect for Kanye and his artistry.

Kanye can’t address all the trolling that goes on against him, but he did actually respond to Uzi’s clip, suggesting that he understands Uzi’s sentiments, and even lives by it himself, using Steve Jobs as an example. “I love UZI I be saying the same thing about Steve Jobs I be feeling just like UZI,” writes Kanye.

In other words, we hope Uzi and Kanye jumped on a track together.. they seem to be on the same page.