July 6, 2017

LOL! Al Sharpton Responds to Jay’s 4:44 ! [VIDEO]

LOL! Al Sharpton Responds to Jay’s 4:44 ! [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Andrew Burton – Getty Images

The Jay Z responses are only getting better, especially now that Reverend Al Sharpton is a part of the mix.

When Rev caught wind of the Hov mention on 4:44’s ‘Family Feud’ he tweeted out a photo of himself and Hakeem from ‘Empire’ at the 2017 Essence Fest with the caption  “Tell Jay Z we still taking selfies…but I’m taking care of business down here too! W/ @YazzTheGreatest in btwn sessions at #EssenceFest2017.”

 TMZ recently caught up with the political activist, and according to him, he has nothing but LOVE for Jay Z!

“He’s reinforcing people come to me for help. Jay Z’s marched with us, he’s a good man. Keep me in your raps, Jay Z.”

Take  a look at the video below: