September 1, 2021

Master P Vows To Send Hurricane Relief To New Orleans 

Master P Vows To Send Hurricane Relief To New Orleans 

New Orleans is dealing with the devastating aftermath of a hurricane.

Hurricane Ida has many parts of Louisiana and Mississippi without power

NOLA legend Master P is stepping in to help. As reported on Hot New Hip Hop, the No Limit founder is sending aid through his company, LA Great. The article notes Master P is prioritizing vulnerable communities. TMZ caught up with the rapper, and Master P said, “If you need help or you need some assistance, we gon’ make sure our people get water, we able to feed our people and help ’em get back.”

He went on to reflect on the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in 2016. He went on to say his team is doing what they can.

“I’m just praying for my people at home, and we on our way down there now. It’s really just trying to make sure we can get the elderly. Get them in safe environments. A lot of roofs have blown off. It’s gonna take a little time, man. So hopefully, the government gon’ come through with but we gon’ do our part.”

Time reported several ways you can help Hurricane Ida victims.