March 15, 2018

Meek Mill Might Be Released Sooner Than We Think!

Meek Mill Might Be Released Sooner Than We Think!
(Photo Credit:  Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images)

It looks like Meek Mill will be home sooner than we think.

On Wednesday (Mar 13), a rally was held in Philadelphia in support of the rapper and his release from prison. Now we might be one step closer to it becoming reality.

The Philadelphia District Attorney filed documents that will help Meek’s conviction get reversed due to a police corruption scandal in the city. According to TMZ, there is a “strong showing of likelihood” of his release, and the good news is prosecutors agree.

Meek Mill addressed his fans in an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone recently, and his plans when he is free.

“There’s brothers locked down that did nothing to be here but piss off people like Brinkley,” Meek says of the men in plastic seats, huddled with their broods in this somber room. To keep from going mad, he’s made an inventory of wrongs he means to address when free. “I want to speak on this system and what it does to black people – on both fucking sides of the fence.” It’s not lost on Meek that the people who harmed him were black – the judge, the cops, his probation officer. “Straight self-hate, man, it makes these people crazy.” For a kid from North Philly to come all the way up, then be pulled back down by his own? “Trust me, I’m gonna say something about that. And then, I’m gonna move to Atlanta.”

No timetable has been set on a ruling.