December 16, 2020

Meek Mill Shows Off His Son & Puppy Snowed In! 

Meek Mill Shows Off His Son & Puppy Snowed In! 

A huge winter storm is heading toward parts of the North East! 

As people are gearing up for the snow, Meek Mill is spending quality time with his son and “grandson.” It looks like Meek Mill’s eldest son, Rihmeek, got a puppy, Husky. 

Meek Mill’s son and the pup were posted up in the snow, ready for the crazy weather ahead! Take a look:

Last year, Meek Tweeted he was on a hunt for a pup for his boy. Looks like they found one and a husky is perfect for winter weather! 

Meek and “Papi” (the nickname Meek calls his son) have the cutest bond. We might be calling Papi “Lil Meek” in the future, the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree, Meek’s son raps too!

Meek has a newborn son that he welcomed on his birthday in May with his ex-girlfriend Milano. The two decided to split and are co-parenting their baby boy.