January 7, 2018

Method Man To Star In Shaft Reboot

Method Man To Star In Shaft Reboot
(Photo Credit: Mindy Small/Getty Images)

He’s a bad mother …. 

Shaft is a modern day classic in many people’s minds. The original was played by Richard Roundtree, yet many remember the role played by Samuel L. Jackson in 2000 which was directed by John Singleton. 

Now he’s going to return to the role with a reboot directed by Tim Story (Think Like A Man) and written by thecreators of Black-ish Kenya Barris and Alex Barnow. 

According to The Hollywood Reporterone of the stars will include Method Man. He will be playing one of John Shaft’s old friends from the block. 

Other stars include Jessie T. Usher, Regina Hall, Alexandra Shipp, and yes the original Shaft himself. 

Shaft’s son as it’s known as right now is schedule to be released June 14, 2019.