March 31, 2021

Moniece Slaughter Speaks Out On Alleged Threats From Dr. Dre

Moniece Slaughter Speaks Out On Alleged Threats From Dr. Dre

Moniece Slaughter is is opening up about alleged threats from Dr. Dre. 

As reported on Bossip, the reality star appeared on Social Society. Moniece talked to the host, Kendall Kyndall, about her mental state, online trolls, and the alleged threats the producer made. Moniece said she didn’t want to talk about the Dre situation. However, Moniece claims Dre asked her if she was “scared going public against someone powerful like him.” Moniece explains to Kendall that she’s not afraid. 

“No. I could give two sh*ts about him trying to blackball me. We know he personally is not going to do anything to me. Now I’ve gone public, and I’m not a little fish in terms of public visibility, and what I’m not known to do is lie. So doing something to me at this point is just all roads text message trails of receipts; it all leads directly back to him, by name.” She continued,

“So am I afraid? Do I think that he would attempt to do something? Yeah, I do. And am I afraid of him at this point? No. I’m so fed up with life in general. If that’s how God intended me to go, then that’s how I go. If that’s how God intended me to go.”

Kendall brought the conversation back to a positive note. Moniece continued and said she doesn’t have any fight left in her. She said,

“So I’m not going to fight. I’m tired. It’s crazy that people will call my phone because of that. But like I said, on a day-to-day basis, no one is calling my phone just to check on me. But when they need me. These aren’t little fish in the pond. These are big fish in the pond that call me and need me. I have Olivia Pope’d some of these MF’s lives. I keep people’s secrets. I am everybody’s vault. But when the tables are turned, and I am in obvious need of my people, nobody is there.”

Last month, it was reported Dr. Dre and Apryl Jones are dating. After Moniece fueled the story and claimed they’d been dating for a while, she says Dre allegedly threatened her life and warned her to mind her business.

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