October 22, 2018

NBA Will Investigate Lakers-Rockets Brawl [PHOTO]

NBA Will Investigate Lakers-Rockets Brawl [PHOTO]

Photo credit: Harry How / Getty Images

After the brawl between the Huston Rockets and the Los Angeles Lakers,  some suspensions may be made for the players involved. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, took to twitter to state that the investigation is underway, and it’s a possibility for suspensions as soon as Saturday.

Basketball players Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo went head to head in last night’s game, during the fourth quarter. It is alleged that Rockets player- Chris Paul, was spit on by Lakers Rondo.

Following the alleged spitting, Paul then began to point his finger in Rondo’s face. Ultimately, Rondo responds with a punch and that’s how the brawl began. This incident is what led to the investigation.

Check out a clip of the video below:

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Close up footage of the CP3-Rondo fight (via @rachel_nichols)

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