February 9, 2021

NBA YoungBoy Under Federal Investigation + His Lawyer Addresses The Issue

NBA YoungBoy Under Federal Investigation + His Lawyer Addresses The Issue

Federal investigators are investigating Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, aka NBA YoungBoy over drugs and weapons charges.

Last year, YoungBoy plus 15 others were taken into custody after filming a music video in Baton Rouge. The feds are taking a closer look into the case because NBA YoungBoy is a convicted felon, and isn’t allowed to have a firearm.

During the arrest in 2020, officers confiscated 14 guns, including one that was stolen and two with illegal stocks, and seized $79,000, The Advocate reports. Reported on XXL, police also found three grams of marijuana, one dose of Hydrocodone inside a clear bag, and digital scales.

At the time, NBA was charged with possession of schedule 1 drugs, distribution/manufacturing of schedule 2 drugs and distribution/manufacturing of schedule 4 drug XXL reports. The article also says based on YoungBoy’s paperwork, he wasn’t hit with any of the firearm-related charges.

The publication also reported James Manasseh, YoungBoy’s attorney, filed a motion, requesting that a 19th Judicial District Court judge release the 21-year-old artist from his bond supervision since he was released over four months ago and no formal charges have been filed against YoungBoy by the East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s Office. Manasseh is confident his client’s name will be free, he said, “there’s no crime committed by Kentrell in this. They didn’t find him in possession of anything (illegal). They just arrested everybody.”

District Attorney Hillar Moore III reportedly said the case is still being reviewed and due to laws, information about the case can’t be revealed yet. We’ll keep you updated!

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