October 29, 2021

Netflix Drama ‘Colin In Black And White’ Is Finally Here

Netflix Drama ‘Colin In Black And White’ Is Finally Here

The Netflix bio series based on the American hero Colin Kaepernick is finally out.

The six-part series, Colin In Black and White, tells the story of Colin in his early years before becoming a football star and civil rights icon. The 33-year-old activist is also the narrator of the series. He talks about his challenges growing up, like being the biracial adopted son of white parents in a conservative Southern California town. 

Oscar-nominated director Ava DuVernay, who worked on this series, points out that Colin “wanted to focus on his teenage years,” reported on BBC. The publication also notes she said,“I was interested in accepting the challenge and focusing on that because I thought, through focusing just on the teenage years, we can get a glimpse into the foundation of this person who’s become very writ large on our culture around the world.

Colin took a knee during the NFL national anthem in 2016 to peacefully protest against racial injustice and police brutality. He’s still not playing football professionally, ultimately blackballed. In 2019, he had an NFL tryout in Atlanta, but nothing came from it. 

He continues to fight for equal rights for all Black and Brown people with his Know Your Rights campaign. 

Check out the trailer for Colin In Black And White: