May 14, 2021

Nicki Minaj Breaks Silence On The Death Of Her Father, Robert Miraj

Nicki Minaj Breaks Silence On The Death Of Her Father, Robert Miraj

Nicki Minaj spoke out on the tragic passing of her father, Robert Miraj.

She gave a message to her fans and said this is the most “devastating loss” of her life. She said,

“[Though] I can’t really bring myself to discuss the passing of my father as of yet.” She continued, “I find myself wanting to call him all the time. More so now that he’s gone. Life is really funny that way. May his soul rest in paradise. He was very loved and will be very missed.” Take a look at a screenshot captured by The Neighborhood Talk blog:

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In February, a man named Charles Polevich, 70, from Long Island, New York, killed Miraj, 64, in a hit and run accident in LI. Miraj was crossing the street when Polevich hit him. Initially, Polevich left the scene of the accident and was charged with that and tampering with evidence. Miraj was taken to a local hospital, was in critical condition, and died the next day. 

During the fatal incident, Polevich reportedly got out of his white 1992 Volvo station wagon after hitting Miraj, stood over him and asked if he was okay, then jumped back into his vehicle and drove off. NYDN reports afterward, Polevich hid his car in his garage and covered the car with a tarp. The report also says Polevic avoided traffic cameras to prevent his car from being discovered. 

In March, Nicki’s mom, Carol Maraj, filed a $150 million civil suit against Polevich. 

Continue to keep Nicki and her family in your prayers. Keep streaming her latest drop; she re-released her mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty in honor of its twelfth anniversary of the original release.