March 20, 2019

Out Of Control: Spring Break Miami Is Officially Canceled! [PHOTO + VIDEO]

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Out Of Control: Spring Break Miami Is Officially Canceled! [PHOTO + VIDEO]

photo credit: shutterstock 

Spring break season is here. Many college students and young adults headed down to Miami for a week of fun and sun.  Unfortunately, this will be the last time Spring break will be celebrated in Miami. Officials from the state have officially canceled the annual festivities.

After multiple tragedies, the weekend was essentially ruined. There were an uncountable amount of brawls on the beach, a male knocked a young woman unconscious, and sadly, a young woman lost her life as she was returning home from her Miami vacation- and flew out of a car window.

Not to mention alcohol was being served on the MacArthur Causeway. An emergency meeting was called, and Mayor Dan Gelber had to send a mass email addressing all the concerns and complaints from Miami Beach residents.

“What I saw this weekend was unacceptable,” he said. “We have to do a better job at addressing these high impact weekends when hundreds of thousands flock to our entertainment district in South Beach. I received so many calls and emails: from residents stuck on a Causeway trying to just get home; from people walking around Ocean Drive feeling unsafe; and from others who, like me, can’t stand the image this projects about the City we love.”

“The bottom line is we have become so attractive as a destination that we simply can’t process the volume of people that want to come here. And unfortunately, among the thousands that visit with intent of suitably enjoying themselves are some who come with bad intentions, drink or smoke too much, or just are not capable of comporting themselves in a civilized way.”

Police plan on taking action as soon as this weekend. Over 20 officers, in protective gear, will patrol South Beach to take away drugs and drinks.  Commissioner John Elizabeth Aleman let it be known that the festivities should end altogether. “I think we need to eliminate this spring break phenomenon as soon as possible,” Aleman said. “I think we need to make it a lot less fun to be here, unfortunately.”