March 14, 2018

‘POWER’ Renewed For Season 6! Here Are 5 Things That Might Happen in Season 5

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‘POWER’ Renewed For Season 6! Here Are 5 Things That Might Happen in Season 5

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POWER had everyone on edge last season, and now that anxiety will continue for another two seasons!

Starz has renewed the hit series for Season 6 even before the Season 5 premiere on July 1st.  Now, we will get more drama, more action, more twisted plots and of course more questions.



Do not continue reading on if you haven’t seen season 4 yet because there will be spoilers.







Okay, I warned you.


Here are five things I think might happen in this upcoming season on the coat tails of the season four.  



July 1st

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  • Dre is going to mess up his partnership with the Jimenez’s so bad he’s going to be killed by them or by Ghost after he finds out for certain what Dre’s been doing from Kanan.




The boys are back. Season 5 premieres Sunday, July 1 on @starz AND we’ll be back for a Season 6. #PowerTV

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  • With Ghost, Tommy and Kanan back together expect some real methodical stuff to happen. But somehow, I have a hunch Kanan is putting up a front that he’s down for the cause. He’s going to wait when they’re most vulnerable, and then attack. I mean, Ghost tried to burn a building down with Kanan in it, do you think he can get over that? This man has been plotting on his revenge since he was incarcerated, I don’t think he can give up on it so easily as we think did.



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  • Tasha is going to try to convince her half lawyer/half boo that she didn’t kill Ray Ray, but it won’t work. He’s going to think she’s covering for Ghost which then causes all of this unnecessary drama.





  • Tariq’s guilt will eat him up inside, and he’ll ultimately confess to killing Ray Ray to save his mother.




  • Angela’s promotion will only make her more of a target for those who work in her department. They know too much about her affiliations, the corruption and they won’t like her holding the reigns at work. They may plot to get her fired period while she’s so close to uncovering the truth behind Ray Ray’s murder. 



What do you think is going to happen in season 5?