February 21, 2020

‘Power’ Star Omari Hardwick Goes OFF On Instagram Troll

‘Power’ Star Omari Hardwick Goes OFF On Instagram Troll

Omari Hardwick is not the one to play with!

A Instagram troll left a comment on Power star  ‘Ghost’s’ photo and needly it did not sit well with him. Hardwick posted a photo of him and captioned it with a poem titled, ”Invictus” by English poet William Ernest Henley. 

Obviously uninterested in the post, a Instagram user comments, “We want ghost f*ck what you talking about..” Hardwick responds, “I am ghOst. I am first O. I am everything. You want ghost cuz i put me in him.”

Now- ANOTHER troll took it a step further and responded to Hardwick’s comment, “Honestly I agree holy sh*t .. he was kool until I hear him in real life .. matter fact where’s Tommy.” Omari obviously didn’t appreciate the comment as he responded, ”Now you ….you the clown. When i slap the sh*t outa you (cuz you don’t deserve more than that) outa you….i will remind you thas from me, Omari,” he wrote on Instagram. “B*tch a*s fu*k boy. Go be just THAT. Clown a*s niggas. Should go ask your Momz if she can rebirth you. Matta fact….go find Tommy & Joe. See if they don’t say the same.”

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