May 02, 2022

Pusha T Returns To The Summer Jam Stage In 2022

Pusha T Returns To The Summer Jam Stage In 2022

All Hail King Push!

Aside from his
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is the rumors that Pusha T will be shutting down the stage at this year's Summer Jam.Back in 2016 Pusha T, Big Sean, and G.O.O.D Music headlined HOT 97's annual festival. It's no telling who Pusha T may bring out this year- but we do know he just dropped his highly anticipated album
'It's Almost Dry.'
The album is produced by heavy hitters Kanye West and Pharrell. It features artists such as
Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, Lil Uzi, No Malice,
and more. It's safe to say just about anyone can come out on that stage with him.Pharrell praises Pusha T for his recent body of work,
"man, I just want to say thank you,”
he said.
“It’s Almost Dry… it’s crazy the way it turned out, man. Ye crushed it. Just the response, the fans reacting to it. You know, when I get with Pusha, he don’t even wanna talk unless we conjuring the demon sound. That’s it. That’s all he wants."
“So it was fun to go back there and just make things that feel great to us — with zero compromise, zero concession. And to see the overwhelming reaction and the response. It’s just been so heartwarming. I’m grateful.”2016 wasn't the only time Pusha T blessed that legendary stage. Fabolous also brought out the Virginia native during his 2013 set- along with
Lil Kim, Meek Mill,
Take a look back at past Pusha T performances as he's gearing up to hit this year's HOT 97 Summer Jam stage. This Summer Jam Lineup has everything from Pusha T to Pushin P!

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