June 7, 2019

Rapper Who Ran Up On 50 Cent Addresses Him On IG

50 Cent
Rapper Who Ran Up On 50 Cent Addresses Him On IG
(Photo Credit: John Lamparski/Getty Images)

Yesterday (June 6), footage was released of an upcoming rapper running up on 50 Cent while the mogul was leaving a movie theater on a date.

The video went viral when 50 decided to square up on the person – who wanted him to listen to his music and Instagram, and question his tactics for doing so.

Artist NFL Dume decided to continue trying to promote himself on what could have been a dangerous situation, and address 50 Cent in an Instagram post, and try to bait him by speaking about the girl he went on a date with.

He wrote in the caption, “U not a 24/7 gangster grandpa”

Rappers who are trying to get some clout… if you really want a longstanding career, this is a perfect example of what NOT to do. SMH.

Take a look below.

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