August 9, 2019

Rick Ross Opens Up On Missing Pusha T Verse, ‘Coming To America 2’ & Drake vs Kanye West Beef

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Rick Ross Opens Up On Missing Pusha T Verse, ‘Coming To America 2’ & Drake vs Kanye West Beef

Rick Ross stopped through Ebro in the Morning today (Aug 9), to celebrate the release of his 10th studio album, Port of Miami 2.

While here, he spoke on much of the topics fans have been wanting to know more including his casting on the sequel, Coming to America 2, why he took Pusha T off “Maybach Music VI,” his true thoughts on Drake’s 2015 Meek Mill diss track “Back to Back,” his health, and much more.

After discussing his latest project, he discussed his true feelings being in the middle of a rap beef with two people he had been working with closely in Drake and Meek Mill.

“Both of them my homies,” he said. “You just look at it like get whatever is on your chest off your chest. Because I’m one those competitive artists too. If i have a difference I’m going to speak my mind and I understand that. You speak your mind and then we’re going to move forward. Because both of ya’ll are my family and I won’t let it. And that’s what the streets or the hip hop culture don’t know. It was only so far I would let that go to.”

He was then asked his thoughts on the diss record “Back to Back.”

“When the record came on, if you just came from overseas somewhere and “Back to Back” came on … would you know it was a battle record,” he asked. “Would you know who that record was supposed to be aimed at? Versus No Vaseline or Ether to me its a difference in battle records.”

Nipsey Hussle is featured on the track “Rich N**** Lifestyle.” Ross breaks down the conversation he had with the late rapper before his passing.

“Before Nipsey’s untimely demise, we were just following up on some of the conversations we always had,” he said.

Last year, the rapper was rushed to the hospital, where at one point the hip hop community thought he was not far from losing his life. He addressed the update in his health, and what really happened. Ross also says he is working on getting more sleep. 

“I feel real good,” he said. “I had a seizure. They rushed me to the hospital. There was a time I was having them two or three months. What made the last time different is when they rushed me to the hospital. time they put me on the floor with the big doctors where you either have something going on with your brain or your heart. They put me up there, and that’s why people who saw me going up to that floor, they thought Rozay had a heart attack. But it really wasn’t. The hospital was just showing me a lot of love. After that situation, I was like I ain’t skipping none of my medication anymore.”

It was a big week in lists, as Rosenberg and Ebro both released their top 50 rappers of all time list. Rick Ross was on none of their lists, and he had a bit to say about that.

“I think the positive way to look at it as,” he said. Rozay didn’t take it personal though. “You only tarnished your legacy.”

As for Ebro’s payment for promoting a bottle of Bel Aire, well that didn’t go as well.

“Tell him he was the slowest moving Bel Aire bottle with his face on it,” he said jokingly.

One of the biggest news of the week was that he was going to have a role on the upcoming sequel Coming to America 2. While he didn’t detail his role, he did give some more information on what he will be contributing.

“It is one of my favorite movies of all time,” he said. “They reached out. They are filming at my estate in Atlanta.”

As for a role itself.

“Director came down and made me audition, and I said ‘Rozay got to audition?’ But I turnt up because its a film I want to be a part of.”

One of the biggest questions following the release of the album was the omission of Pusha T’s verse in “Maybach Music VI” although it leaked later in the day. He broke down what really happened.

“What’s so dope about it, both verses were cleared by both parties,” he began. “It was more about the bigger picture. Is this going to move both of them getting together, closer. I’ll take the charge for that, I didn’t feel like it was time for that.”

He then revealed big dreams of being on a song with everyone who has beef.

“I feel like next year I’m going to be a part of that,” he said. “When that Drake, Wayne, Pusha, Kanye record come together. I’m saying it here first. It’s for the game. I’m a big dreamer It’s the boss. My intentions was to get Pusha and Wayne together, and I came close to that.”

“It wasn’t about just me having the record. It’s more about the big picture which is to bring these two icons together. I wanted to bring the homies together.

He also thinks Kanye and Drake can get back on good terms fairly easy.

“They might not even need a sit down,” he said. “They could just take a test, it can just be a phone, its genuine the love is genuine.”

Port of Miami 2 is out now.

Watch the full conversation below.