February 21, 2019

Road To Success: The Top Mistakes Interns Make And How To Avoid Them [PHOTO+VIDEO]

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Road To Success: The Top Mistakes Interns Make And How To Avoid Them [PHOTO+VIDEO]

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Internships can definitely help kick start your career if you make the right connections and play your cards right.  They’re important because it gives you a taste of what your job life would be like in that particular field. Often times, after the internship is over, interns find that they don’t land a position at that company, and these might be the reasons WHY:

1. How seriously did you take the internship? Did you show up on time all the time, or just sometimes? If the employees who worked there were late, did you start arriving late also? As an intern, you should always have your best foot forward, regardless of what everyone else is doing. Take it SERIOUSLY! Treat it as if you are already hired. 

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2. Did you take the time to establish relationships? It takes more than just showing up and having the skills. Are you someone that they enjoy being around and are friendly? You don’t have to go overboard with being cool with everyone, but you should always acknowledge everyone in the room and take the time to introduce yourself. It can be a challenge if you’re shy, but try to push through it because it makes a HUGE difference. 

Check out this video on HOW to be a “relationship builder ninja”


3. Did you do your research about the company as a whole? Let’s say for example you want to work at a major radio station like Hot 97, are you familiar with the name of the company that owns the station? Do you know about the sister stations? Often times when people do research on a company, they focus on trying to connect with the faces of the brands instead of the power players behind the scenes (here’s a tip: the people behind the scenes are the ones who typically have control over the hiring process). You don’t have to show up to your internship spitting out random facts, but knowing about the company on a deeper level shows that you’re passionate and invested in working for them. 

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4. Taking the time to ask your supervisor for feedback is key. It shows initiative and that you want to improve on areas that aren’t your strongest. This is also a terrific way to build a relation. 


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5. BORRREEDDDDD? *Soulja boy voice* Sometimes internships aren’t all that exciting simply because there may not be much for you to do, but never look “bored” or give off the vibe that you don’t want to be there. Keep your game face on at all times. Don’t rush through your assignments, take them seriously, and if you finish early, find something to do, or try to make yourself useful. Offer help and let it be known that you’re there if anyone needs assistance. 

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6. This one is SIMPLE! Follow the dress code and keep good hygiene. 


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7. Keeping a pen and notepad handy is like icing on the cake. Often times at internships, you’re constantly given advice and little tips. How are you remembering everything? Is it just going in one ear and out the other? Using your phone or a notepad to write things down is a very good idea. There’s no harm in mentioning, “hey let me write this down so I’ll remember” when they tell you something, it shows that you want to learn and are taking the internship seriously. 

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8. How does your social media look? These days, employers are taking a peek at their employee’s social media and if your account contains wild or explicit pictures, that could hinder you from getting a job after your internship. Keep in mind, when you work for a company, you represent them. Get in the habit early of keeping your social clean or create a private page just for certain people.


Check out this video on WHY a neat social media is key:


9. Keep your private life to a minimum. In the office, conversations should be about what’s going in the company or things of that nature. Spilling out all of your personal business all the time isn’t a great idea. 

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10. Don’t forget to have fun and be yourself! This is YOUR time to shine and show them what you’re made of. You should be proud that you landed the internship, now its time to show them that you belong on their team and that you will be a valuable asset. 

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