November 21, 2018

Round 1: Tory Lanez & Joyner Lucas Battle Each Other In New Freestyles! [PHOTO]

Round 1: Tory Lanez & Joyner Lucas Battle Each Other In New Freestyles! [PHOTO]
(Photo Credit: Cassidy Sparrow/Jerritt Clark/Getty Images)

Now this is hip hop!

Both Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas are in the midst of a friendly competition as they go bar to bar against each other with different tracks.

It all started on Instagram Live when Lanez claimed that he was a better MC than Joyner.

“The Joyner kid? He’s nice, but he can’t fuck with me. Not on no level, period.”

Lanez started the battle with a “Lucky You” Freestyle.

“I’m literally at the spot that he said he’d be at/But where is he at/Like really, nigga, is you really telling me that/Like I ain’t prepared to hit ’em with a felony act/Like what u thought I never react/Have a nigga looking like he tryna fight Mario when a nigga put a hole shell in his back/F*** niggas yelling it back.”

Joyner responded with a “Litty” Freestyle.

“Take all of that Auto-Tune back to T-Pain/I swear you R&B rappers is strange/You ok but you ain’t nobodies favorite/you aight but you ain’t nobody major/5’3 you ain’t nobody dangerous/maybe that weed you’ve been smokin’ had you feelin’ confident lets have a real conversation/maybe that doctor put something inside your head when you got your hairline replacement.”

The two then went on Instagram Live right after to discuss their tracks.

So who won round one?

UPDATE: Tory Lanez come back with another freestyle over the Litty beat.