February 19, 2018

Scene It: ‘Black Panther’ Cast Talks HISTORIC Box Office Sales [VIDEO]

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Scene It: ‘Black Panther’ Cast Talks HISTORIC Box Office Sales [VIDEO]



Was anyone surprised by the historic box office sales for Marvel’s “Black Panther?”
Some may have been, but many of us already knew this film was on the brink of making history…..and now it has.

Weekend box office sales surpassed the $218 million mark domestically according to Variety.  It is the most successful February film debut of all time and the fifth of the highest grossing film of all time for an opening weekend. 

Globally, the film has grossed $368 million, a concern for the movie house at first due to the centric focus on an African American superhero but they can no sleep well at night. People showed up for the people of Wakanda.

The movie resonated with all; merging the modern day to the Marvel world. Ryan Coogler did an outstanding job on this film. The colors were beautiful, the acting was superb, you fell in love with all the characters, and the storyline was on point. 

Check out the latest episode of Scene It, where Ryan, Winston Duke and more talk about the success of the film at the Black Panther New York Fashion Show. Things got sweeter for a private screening of the movie HOT 97 held, where I surprised attendees with special guest Marija Abney, who plays one of the members of the Dora Miljae!