October 2, 2018

Sheck Wes Announces Official Release Date of Debut Mixtape ‘MUDBOY’

Sheck Wes Announces Official Release Date of Debut Mixtape ‘MUDBOY’

Photo credit: Shareif Ziyadat/WireImage

Sheck Wes exploded onto the rap scene with his hit “Mo Bamba,” which released last year but gained traction these past few months. He aims to ride this momentum by dropping a project right while the spotlight is shining on him. On Monday night, Sheck announced that his MUDBOY mixtape is finally dropping this Friday, October 5th.

The Harlem rapper tapped Mo Bamba himself to help with the official announcement. The basketball star, who is a close friend of Sheck’s and also was the inspiration for his biggest hit, sported a shirt that read “MUDBOY 10.5.18.”

“I kind of want MUDBOY to just be only Sheck Wes and MUDBOY is going to talk about how I became a MUDBOY,” he told Zane Lowe back in March. “A MUDBOY is just somebody who came from nothing, you know, who turned nothing into something. You know, when I was in Africa, in the rain, I walk around in, like, mud, you know, the sand would turn to mud and you are not getting out of that.”

View the official announcement below!


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