January 11, 2022

Shyne Said He Doesn’t Blame Diddy For Nightclub Shooting That Landed Him In Prison

Shyne Said He Doesn’t Blame Diddy For Nightclub Shooting That Landed Him In Prison

Shyne, now known as Moses Barrow, recently appeared on Drink Champs and spoke on his relationship with Diddy.

Shyne said he forgave Diddy over nightclub shooting that landed him in prison during the episode. Shyne said, “I don’t really blame that on him now as much as I did then. Because I did go through a stage of bitterness.” He added, 

“In retrospect, I blame it more on the lawyers that were advising him. Because his lawyers were there to secure a ‘not guilty’ verdict by any means.” Shyne continued,

“He’s a $100 million corporation and they looked at me as the enemy. This is 20-something years ago. Puff is still young relatively. So he’s much younger then [31 during the 2001 trial] and it’s a lot of pressure. He’s about to lose everything. I’m about to lose everything. I’m from that though. Diddy is a musician, but he wasn’t from that. So his response shouldn’t be expected to be my response,” he continued.

“When your lawyers are misleading you and misguiding you, that’s how everything fell apart. And he said that to me. He said, ‘I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have never listened to those lawyers.’ I forgave him. It was traumatic,” he added. “I would forgive him and then you might hear me a few months later going in on him. That was over a decade ago and I was in a different space then…I can’t carry twenty-three years with me in a negative way.”

The former Bad Boy and Diddy had beef for years since the club incident on December 27, 1999. Shyne was partying with Puffy and his then-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, and fired a gun inside an NYC club. 

Diddy got acquitted of the charges, but Shyne was found guilty. In 2009 Shyne was released from prison but got deported back to Belize, where he became Ambassador of Music for the country. His dad is Prime Minister Dean.

Last year, Diddy endorsed the “Bonnie and Shyne” and helped him return to the U.S. as a diplomat. 

Check out the episode: