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March 12, 2020

Some 1501 Artists Sympathize With Megan Thee Stallion Over Contract

Some 1501 Artists Sympathize With Megan Thee Stallion Over Contract

It seems like every artist, unfortunately, will go through a contract battle with their label or production company. 

Megan Thee Stallion is no different, we covered the story, Meg was annoyed with her label 1501 for trying to stop her from dropping music because she wanted to renegotiate her contract. When 1501 told the leader of the hot girls that they didn’t want to renegotiate, Megan got the legal system involved and a judge gave her permission to drop music. 

Meg’s reason for wanting to renegotiate the contract is because after signing a management deal with Roc Nation, they brought a few things to Meg’s attention that she wasn’t aware of. Meg admitted that she was about 20 when she signed it and didn’t fully understand the verbiage. At the time, she was also focused on getting her and her mother out the hood, which is why she signed the deal in the first place, which also came with a $10 k advance. 

Reported on The Jasmine Brand, 1501’s first artist, HardyBoy Pig, claims the label did little to support him and refused to release his music. Another rapper, Haroldlujah said signing with 1501 was like signing with the devil and he’s still tied up in a contract.

“I’ve been hearing about a sit-down for three years. There’s never been a sit-down. My thing is, just give me my release papers and we can move on. I held up my end of the contract…I’d tell her listen, just push even harder. It’s a bitter game. You just got to keep your head up and continue to focus on the music. Your career has just taken all the way off. You can’t be down because of blocks in the road. You got bumps in the road. It’s just a bump. You go over that bump and you move on.”

Another artist, D-Raww disagrees with any artist claiming 1501 is a bad label. He claims that Carl Crawford, the CEO of 1501, has always been “real” and genuine,” with him.

Megan is suing Carl & 1501 for nearly $1 million in damages. “Suga” isn’t showing any signs of fear, the stallion continues to secure the bag and boss moves! She recently had her NYC Hottie party where our girl DJ Megan Ryte was on the set. Did you peep hot girl Meg on the cover of the NY Times?