August 8, 2017

Spoiler Alert: TOP 3 MOMENTS From Last Nights POWER STARZ! [PHOTOS]

Spoiler Alert: TOP 3 MOMENTS From Last Nights POWER STARZ! [PHOTOS]
Photo Credit: Kevin Winter – Getty Images

We apologize in advance for the intense “spoiler alert,” BUT last night’s episode of Power STARZ was insane!

Besides the fact that Tommy is BACK in New York, he was updated on why Ghost “robbed” his peeps, found out his main man Julio is dead, and figured out a way to put the TORO’s (Julio’s former gang) in a situation that will benefit him in the end!

Oh and a few other things that will blow your mind happened in last night’s episode and it starts with TASHA cheating on Ghost with the lawyer that got him out of JAIL.

Yes, she smashed Terry Silver!


Oh and remember the White guy that was in prison with Ghost? The one who helped him kill the prison guard played by Charlie Murphy?

The one that we all speculated was Tommy’s father…yeah him.

Well he finally got to talk to his alleged SON and Tommy can’t believe it! 

 The prisoner even mentioned Tommy’s mother KATE, and her long legs.


It’s about time they figure out who killed Greg Knox!

While all of the agents who got fired are trying to point fingers at each other to redeem their name, Angela actually dug in the right direction (for once) figuring out that Mike is Gregs killer!

Now all the team has to do is present the evidence to their corporation before Mike kills them next!


Do yourself a favor and watch the full episode…it’s ON DEMAND ya’ll!