October 24, 2018

Stay Safe During Halloween with These 7 Safety Precautions [PHOTOS + VIDEOS]

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Stay Safe During Halloween with These 7 Safety Precautions [PHOTOS + VIDEOS]

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This is that time of year where people like to get crazy CRAZY! We want you to have fun, but we also want you to stay safe.

Before you head out to your Halloween turn up spot, take a look at these safety tips:


  1.  At what age are you considered “too old” to go trick-or-treating? Some states have already answered that question and have put strict laws in place if trick-or-treaters are above a certain age. Some argue that the laws are too strict because teens as young as 13-years-old could get punished! If you’re an adult/teenager accompanying a child, make sure you follow your state guidelines to avoid any issues with law enforcement.


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2.  Pet owners should keep their four-legged loved ones inside, away from the door, and candy dish. Make sure your pet doesn’t chew on glow sticks or bump into lit jack-o-laterns. Be mindful of pet costumes, ensure that your pet can breathe properly and bands aren’t too tight. 


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