March 29, 2019

Surprised? Cardi B’s Accuser Admits He Was Lying: “It Was A Joke” [PHOTO]

Surprised?  Cardi B’s Accuser Admits He Was Lying:  “It Was A Joke” [PHOTO]

Photo Credit: Tommaso Boddi – Getty Images


This week has been a whirlwind of social media madness for Cardi B.  


Clips of a live stream video Cardi B. posted three years ago resurfaced, where she claims to have drugged and robbed men. The video went viral and sparked outrage with the hash tag #SurvivingCardiB.


This pandemonium also opened up doors for people to make false accusations against the rapper. The origins of Cardi B’s debunked assault and robbery narrative were traced back to a Facebook user going by “Ak Ore Kim.”


After Cardi’s video recently went viral, Akim claimed that he was one of the victims that were robbed by the “Money” singer. Cardi B. never gave specific details regarding her criminal past, which allowed Akim to make up the story as he went along.


Followers on social media began sharing his story that helped it to become viral, however, no one ran a fact check.


Akim’s post on Facebook depicts a detailed storyline that seemed to be realistic. He explains how he went to a strip club five years ago and was introduced to Cardi, convincing her to come back to the room with him. After he returned from the bathroom and finished his drink, he forgets the rest of night. Next thing he knows he wakes up and is missing $850 in cash, his Louis Vuitton belt and his iPod. The most convincing part about his story are the pictures of him and Cardi he attached to his post.


Later on Akim must have realized that he regretted making this elaborated story against Cardi. He responded to a comment saying, “…nah it was a joke.. I ain’t no sucka. I’m sure you caught dudes slippin but don’t incriminate yourself online.”


This goes to show that in this day in age, people wrongfully spread rumors out of pure boredom. No one is safe, even with the degree of success you’ve achieved in your public life, like Cardi B.


Take a look at the post below: