December 6, 2017

Terry Crews Suing Adam Venit For Sexual Assault!

Terry Crews Suing Adam Venit For Sexual Assault!
Photo Credit: Jason Leveris – Getty Images

According to TMZ, Terry Crews is suing Hollywood executive Adam Venit for sexual assault.

Crews allegedly filed a police report with details of what happened the night of the attack. 

The ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ actor claims Venit watched him “like a rabid dog, sticking his tongue in and out of his mouth provocatively.”

He also said that after he pushed Venit away, he called Adam Sandler for help, screaming “Adam, come get your boy!  He’s grabbing my nuts.”

Sandler called him later that night to see if he was okay. 

The next day Crews called his agent at WME agency to tell him what happened and Venit later called to apologize. 

Crews then met with WME’s chairman to discuss the matter further.

Terry Crews is now suing Venit as he suffered psychologically and worries that Venit will now try to ruin his career,

Stay tuned for more details!