June 21, 2021

The Game Emotionally Calls Out His Children For Ignoring Father’s Day

The Game Emotionally Calls Out His Children For Ignoring Father’s Day

The Game was seemingly hurt by his children, and his family for not acknowledging Father’s Day.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the L.A. rapper expressed his hurt in disappointment, after only his eldest son wished him a happy Father’s Day, and gave him a gift. The Game has 3 children, and says he takes care of a host of other folks around him.

“I know who I am as a father. Can’t nobody tell me that I’m not the type of father that deserves praise, deserves notice,” said The Game. “And I’m not saying go out and buy a n***a a Lamborghini or nothing like that but to be post-Father’s Day, to be on this video, making this video, and to really have nothing to show for it, it’s just unacceptable. It’s crazy and I’m really not fucking with it. So today is the day where, if you’re in my life and you’re close to me and I’ve done what I’ve done for you and I’ve taken care of you and looked after you for several years, and you know that you didn’t show up on Father’s Day with any type of appreciation, today is the day that I cut you off. It’s nothing personal but actions scream louder than words. I’m tired of the disrespect but I’ve gotta do something about it. And I hate to bring it to social media but there might be other fathers out there who feel unappreciated and might need to know that they’re not alone.”

He captioned the 6-minute video, “it’s the disrespect for me.”

Watch the video below, let us know your thoughts.