December 27, 2017

The People Voted For The Best Flex Freestyles… And Here They Are! [VIDEO]

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The People Voted For The Best Flex Freestyles… And Here They Are! [VIDEO]

[Recorded at CIROC Studios]

It’s that time of the year, what’s the best content of the year?? Well everyone on the met that puts out original content is putting out some type of content that they consider top or ‘best of’…. but if you want to see what the ppl consider best of, then take a look at this Best Of Flex Freestyles: Can’t tell me that wasn’t fire and somewhat accurate, I would of had at least one of my fav’s higher on the scale…. but I’ll leave it there…. I will say Black Thought is at 2M views just under 2 weeks ago…. that Black Thought Freestyle is #1 content in ALL moments! Here is the proper playlist to watch All of the:



Here are the top 10 full videos the people decided on, Plus with the Producers notes; Honorable Mentions:


JID; (He did a good job)


Joe Budden; (Joe actually did his thing, and some of this sounds like it could be an answer to the Migos/Yachty/QC)


Cory Gunz; (Cory Fu**ing killed this sh*t B!!!)


Don Q (This Was actually A Boogie’s Freestyle opportunity, Boogie stressed us to let his man rhyme which we hadn’t heard ever before, we thought is was going to hurt Boogie IF Q’s bars would have been weak sauce… but they weren’t, Q got BARS)


Papoose (So Flex mentioned Pap had 2 dope freestyles, he did because when he and Remy came up together the first time, #Freestyle027 they both went and Killed it, but little known fact, after watching Pap in Freestyle076, Remy has vowed to come up solo and drop BARS)


The Hoodies (So these young men might be the only non industry rappers we’ve used, at least that did really well and got the type of crowd reaction an artist is looking for)


Lloyd Banks (Funk said Banks should be higher than that… not only is that a fact, but Banks might be one of our most requested freestyler, and he killed it… but the internet forgets so quick) 


Dave East (We caught Dave at the very exact moment both he and us needed to record this Freestyle, East was already lifting off out here but it was like this Freestyle solidified it!)


Cyhi The Prynce (Come on, Cyhi’s a lyrical giant and has been for quite sometime now… I mean he’s like a GOOD Music ghost writing GOAT isn’t he??)


Arsonal (as he always says, there’s no BARS with out the ARS, he killed it, and even tho he took a jab at my guys Beas and Smack, I know they have a deep respect for each other and the URL platform kept lyricism alive for a long time!!!)


Tory Lanez (Now Flex said ‘ppl trying to front’, so if you’re not aware, someone on the net pointed out some BARS in Tory’s Freestyle sound similar to Don Q’s Freestyle, but really were just similar, which isn’t great for a rapper, but Tory still did his thing and we have to remember… isn’t he really a singer??)


Mysonne (So Mys def did kill it and because a lot of people hadn’t heard him spit like that in a ling time, it took a lot of ppl by surprise… but for me, the respect from talking how he was talking, like a grown man, the pride I felt… not just for being apart of this dope ass platform, but for it to see Mys’ incredible transformation….)


MEEK MILL ( #first of all, #FREEMEEK but what other rapper came up not once but twice and BODIED it?!? Not just bodied it, but the first time he came up, he responded to 3 diff rappers and turned the whole ‘L’ thing completely around, then the 2nd time he solidified himself AND was one of the first freestyle using a social media presence, Fatboy SSE, and killed it yet again!)



Loaded LUX (so like most people, prior to Black Thought, and keep in mind I’m from BK, and Pap is my HOMIE, along with a couple few other MC’s, especially if they’re from BK, I thought Lux had the best freestyle up lil now, but Thought changed everything!) #1 AKA #FREESTYLE087

BLACK THOUGHT (All respect Due, no disrespect, but we got no respect… Black Thought from the legendary ROOTS Crew… claimed a crown in 2017…. Who’s gonna take it is now the question?!? Kinda ILL how our last freestyle is #1) IF your’e not feeling this list, just remember, this was voted on by the YT community, which is where the largest portion of our views, want to change how these types of things turn out, keep an eye out for these types of polls(put that bell on B)