January 11, 2019

These Are All The Ways The 2019 Partial Government Shutdown Could Affect You

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These Are All The Ways The 2019 Partial Government Shutdown Could Affect You

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It’s been about three weeks since the partial government shut down began. Trump is determined to get funding to build a wall that separates the U.S and Mexican border to stop immigrants from coming to America. If this shutdown goes over 21 days, it will be the longest in history! Here are the ways it could affect you:

1. Immigration courts are closed so people may have to wait another 2-3 years before their case gets settled.

2. If you’re planning a trip or a family outing to a National Park, you may want to think twice because most of them have been closed or partially shut down.

3. Scientific research is put on hold. So big issues like climate change aren’t being worked on.

4. Loan services like for mortgages and colleges may be delayed. So small business entrepreneurs and aspiring students are heavily impacted.

5. The IRS is accepting tax payments but until the shutdown is over, they aren’t issuing refund checks.

6. Although TSA agents have federal jobs, they get paid the least and as of now, many are working without pay. Air traffic controllers are also working without pay.

7. Many food inspectors are working with out pay so this could potentially put our food supply in danger.

8. Reported on NPR, nearly “800,000 employees have been furloughed or are being required to work without pay.”


Don’t feel so down, here’s what the shutdown WON’T affect, according to the article.

  • Medicare, Medicaid, and the Health Insurance Marketplace (aka Obamacare).
  • Social Security, disability checks and veterans’ benefits.
  • Getting a passport.
  • U.S. Postal Service


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I really hope this wall wont happen, at least I am 100{93d4e656f9b4a61cbcf798611f0c18eb5fe89d9c268b5112a3a9a32e8f9a3b72} sure Mexico is not paying for it. And I wonder how all those federal workers that voted for trump feel about it know. . . . #thewall #govermentshutdown #mexico #immigration #border

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